Friday, July 29, 2011

Test your server from outside

You're setting up webserver or any server at all, but you have only one WAN access, so how to test it from outside world, which is from internet. I, myself, found three method that work perfectly.

  1. Proxy website (
  2. using online network tools ( eg:
  3. Call/chat/email your friend to log to your server

On, the list hundred of proxy website that you can use for free. I use
SiteGetter start page
Type your address, and click Go,
Website sufted using proxy.
Notice the upper frame, showing proxy site options

2. Online Network Tools

By using online network tools, we cannot see the actual pages, but we can get some idea or information about out configuration whether it is work or not. I use to ping my server from various part of this world just with one click. screen capture
The other tool I use is They have ping, trace, lookup, express (multiple test in one click), DNS record and others.

3. Call your friends

I just chat / call a couple of my friend to log to my server and ask them for their opinion/finding. They help alot. Thanks.

Ever wonder how I capture those screenshot, read here

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