Tuesday, July 26, 2011

VirtualBox OSE with Ubuntu 11.04 as Host

Ubuntu has given me great computing experiences, and a couple months back I have decided to totally remove other OS from my machine and leave Linux Ubuntu 11.04 alone. But, as my nature to help a lot of my Windows users, espeacilly user whose machine has been affected with viruses/malware/worm.

The problem I faced is how to look at pendrive as I saw it on Windows. I googleing but did not find any good solution so I have decided to install back Windows on my machine but as Guest OS. After searching in Ubuntu Software package, I found VirtualBox OSE and install it then install Windows XP Pro SP3 on it, and work fine.

BUT, really big BUT, I cannot access USB drive. All USB filter founded are grey-out and can not be selected. I already installed VirtualBOX OSE Addition. Everything works but still pendrive did not work on Guest OS. So "google" again and found that OSE didnot support USB due to licensing, may be.

I found a trick tried by other user how to overcome this problem with "Shared Folders" Here is what I got from ubuntuforum (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1557646) ..

Morbius1 says:
Actually there is a way to access USB using the OSE version if the host is linux and the only thing you need is access to a USB storage device:

(1) On the Linux host: Use the VirtualBox > Settings > Shared Folders to create a shared folder to /media

(2) Start the VBox WinXP then open Computer > Tools > Map Network Drive > Folder > VirtualBox Shared Folders > \\VBOXSVR\media

Make sure "reconnect at logon" is checked

Every time you boot into WinXP you will have a drive letter that points to /media and within that will be any usb ( or cd / dvd ) device that is mountable by the linux host. It won't work like inserting some usb device and having WinXP launch an application but if it's just an external hard drive then it'll work.
I will try it out soon, and will post back my success here soon.

My Computer shows AllMounted on 'vboxsrv'

Content of /media mounted as AllMounted on Windows XP

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