Thursday, August 18, 2011

"Missing" -- Superhidden files and folders

Missing folders or files may caused by spyware / malware or even virus like activity. Your files and folders still exist but their attribute is set to Hidden, and Hidden option is grayed out. So, you cannot unchecked them.

What is SuperHidden? Superhidden is file which it attribute set to Hidden and System.

All or most of the attributes, file / folder is set as a Super Hidden causes you can not remove the Hidden status normally.

Here I describe methods to recover the file / folder.

Tool / Utility needed:

1. Any Anti-Virus Software
2. Attribute Changer (ac.exe)


  1. Scan your USB Pen Drive

    Scan pendrive (or media) with anti-virus software. After you complete AV scan and clean the pendrive. Unplug and plug back the pendrive.
  2. Attribute Changer download and install it.

    Attribute Changer Muatturn from here.
  3. Open (open) your pendrive and delete all the shortcuts file (. Lnk)
  4. Press Ctrl + A to highlight all the files and folders in your pendrive.
  5. Right-Click on any file or folder selected in step 4
  6. Select the menu 'Attribute Changer ... " in the context menu that appears
  7. In the Folder Properties tab, uncheck all options, system, hidden, archive etc.. and the bottom bit before the OK button, tick recurse folder .. (Meaning all the folders in this folder)
  8. Click on the File Properties tab, remove all signs of it as in 7 above. so check the recurse folders.
  9. Click on OK, and all your files will be processed.

To view the process is running .. click on the Reporting tab and click on the More ..

This is all ... hope may help you.


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  2. You think this is possible? Actually working with computers as I am afraid to be offline.
    For this reason I decided never to do with the computer I work with.
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    Thanks for your help.


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