Saturday, July 23, 2011

Compaq Presario CQ40 Blinking LED

Compaq Presario CQ40 come in several model which is I divided into to chipset class which is Intel and ATI. Model with Intel chipset did not having much problem since I start servicing this model but ATI is in contrast. The most common problem is for ATI chipset model is POWERED ON with NO POST but with CAPS/NUM Lock blinking.

Before you do any servicing or taking your CQ40 apart, do visit the HP page on details about CQ40 blinking code -- link at bottom of this page. Here is the list of the blinking code (taken from I suggest you do hard reset and re-seat RAM module. On two occasions, on two units of this model, I just re-seat RAM module, and it works fine. So, sometime, 4x blinking not actually cause by graphic controller problem.
Blinking Code Translation Table

Number of Blinks or BeepsLocation of Blinking LEDsComponent Being CheckedError Condition
Continuous glowBattery power LEDBatteryThe AC adapter is attached and the battery is charging, but does not yet have sufficient charge to power the notebook.
1Caps Lock/Num LockCPUCPU not functional
2Caps Lock/Num LockBIOSBIOS corruption failure
3Caps Lock/Num LockMemoryModule error not functional
4Caps Lock/Num LockGraphicsGraphics controller not functional
5Caps Lock/Num LockSystem boardGeneral system board failure
6Caps Lock/Num LockBIOSBIOS authentication failure
Continuous blinkAC power adapter LEDPower adapterInsufficient power

For more details, please visit this page.


  1. how can this porblem be solved???
    (4time---Caps Lock/Num Lock-----Graphics--------------Graphics controller not functional)

  2. it works, thanks for uploader.. :D

  3. thank you very much, this helped me a lot and saved my money, they're charging me $30 to fix it, brought it home, read this article, do it my self and fixed it. 3 blinks Caps Lock/Num Lock Memory Module error not functional

    1. Hi Jessie I am having same problem plz tell me how can i resolve it

  4. brother change power adapter but condition same my cq40 continuos caps lock blinking battery power or ac power same laptop fan few second on and off caplock led blink any solution

  5. cq40 continuos caps lock blinking battery power or without battery power (adapter) switch on my laptop few second fan on and caps lock led blinking continuos any solution pls mail

  6. have a cq56-115dx, about 3 years old, can 1 blink cpu be easily/cheaply fixed?

  7. CQ40 caps and num led blinks continously.. What is the main problem with that? How can i solve it

  8. I have a cq40 with constant blinking caps and num lock. If I leave it blinking with blank screen in less than a minute screen turns on and system begins to boot. Everything seems to work as usual but with constant blinking caps and num lock. Confused.

    1. BTW, I think constant blinking means 1 blink so the CPU is not functional... but it works!?

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