Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Stubborn "Show hidden files and folders"

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Sometime, when your Windows system attacked by malware or trojan and sometime a virus attacked, has completely disable your "Show hidden filed and folders" option in your Tools -> Folder Options. You may also recieved the error message below.
"Registry editing has been disable by your administrator"

The affected system may also encounter Command Prompt (CMD), Task Manager, Folder Options dan Registry Editor deactivation. To reactivate, download this INF file, repair4karo.inf to your desktop. Right-click the file, select Install then restart your system.

After your Folder Option reactivation, you may or may not set your "Hidden files and folders" to "Show hidden files and folders". If you cannot set to "Show hidden files or folders", please follow the steps below.

There is two options you may choose;

  1. Reformat your Windows drive and reinstall

    Agree? Naaaah.. i don't....

    This step could eliminate all treat and INLUDING your work.
  2. Windows Registy editing.

    All "Hidden files and folders" setting were put under "Advanced key" in Explorer branch;


    and here;


    What you can do is to export both key from other Windows XP pc, then import to your registry.

    REMEMBER, do not use Right-Click then Merge or Double-Click the exported regisry file, because the is an error (file not found) may occured. The right way to do is, run your Regedit then drag both file to Regedit window.

    If you do not have any other Windows XP system you can access you can download the registry key, hklm.reg and hkcu.reg.

Good luck.

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