Saturday, April 16, 2011

Howto: Installing LAMP on Ubuntu 10.10

LAMP server in Ubuntu
(This tutorial is based on Ubuntu Linux 10.10) 

Since seeing 'people at home' is struggling to sell shirts and "drop shipping" in the up (Facebook), moved the hearts want to help (cheewah!). So expect to setup web server in my linux pc. After finding some, found a way to make it. 

Installing LAMP on Ubuntu Linux

LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. The combination of these four web servers to create a stable and fast, and FREE. 

The easiest way to install LAMP server is to use tasksel command in Terminal.

$ Sudo tasksel 

If your state is shown to have no such instructions, you do not yet have Linux tasksel. Please install tasksel in advance using the following command;

$ sudo apt-get install tasksel

Okay, after tasksel install, run the command again;

$ sudo tasksel

Select [ ] LAMP server, with the mark * in the box [ ] by pressing the spacebar. Then press Tab, and Enter.

LAMP server during installation, you will be asked for a password for user 'root' in MySQL. Wait until the installation is complete, and tasksel will return to the command prompt.

Exit the terminal, and open the web browser to see whether your installation is successful or not by typing the following URL address;

http://your-pc-ip-no (eg:

later you will be displayed with the text "It Works" if you managed to install LAMP. 

Congratulations .. again a full Linux steps into the world.

(haha, totally google translate from my Malay version)

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