Sunday, April 3, 2011

Enabling All Windows 7 Setting in One Place

Step-by-Step How To Enable Windows 7 "God" Mode Control Panel

(Note: This only a special folder shortcut to Registry GUID.)
(Warning: May cause system problem. Use with care)

Step 1:

Create a new folder on Windows 7 Desktop

Step 2:

Copy the red colored text below;


Step 3:

Right-Click on "New Folder" and pick Properties from the popup menu

Step 4:

On the General Tab, you will see "New Folder" Text, select all the text, and then paste (Control V or Right-Click -> Paste) the code you copied earlier.

Step 5:

Click OK button.
You will notice that the new folder icon has changed to Control Panel Icon with GodMode caption.

Step 6:

Double-Click on the GodMode icon to open "God" Mode Control Panel.

u r done.

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